Lightwell APP Development Software Utilized in Southwestern Academy Art & Media Arts Department

Published : Tuesday, March 20, 2018 | 12:34 PM

Southwestern Academy’s Art department received funding in the fall from the San Marino Rotary Club to purchase the Lightwell app development software. The students have been hard at work developing various apps using Lightwell. Here is a short interview with Southwestern Academy’s Art and Media Arts Instructor Mr. John Kohn.

What type of projects are the students creating using the Lightwell App Development Software?

- App that deals with issues one might encounter when flying on a commercial jet.

- Portfolio app displaying his product design work.

- Visual Mobile Music App.

- Created an app to raise awareness of the decreasing population of penguins.

- Created an interactive story about a Chinese character(a panda) making friends with a Japanese character(a bunny) in a cute interactive story app.

- Created a fashion trend app to create an outfit.

- Created a user interface to order a fast food using Lightwell.

- Created an app about pet adoption.

What grade levels are currently using Lightwell? Which classes?

Various 7th thru 12th grade classes.

Media Arts and Art classes are using it.

What does Lightwell encourage in your students?

Once Lightwell was introduced to the class the students turned into professional app developers. They seem to instinctively know how to design apps based on their years of experience using apps. It was interesting to how different all of their projects were. Each one of the students projects reflect their own personality and what they care about. I’ve always thought art is a personal endeavor and in order for one to express themselves they have to deeply care about something. One of my Brazilian students created an app to save penguins, a Japanese student created an interactive story about meeting a friend from China. One of my Chinese students created an app about adopting a pet. By letting my students use Lightwell they automatically tapped into their creative side like no other medium. I feel like creating apps was the perfect project for my students at this time. It wasn’t hard to make the project relevant to their lives.

Why do you think Lightwell is valuable to learn?

Developing apps is a very practical skill to have today. Students love downloading apps and playing them for hours and hours. Having Lightwell available in the classroom forces students to learn how to create apps. Who knows maybe they will become creators instead of users once they are given the proper skills.

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