Link Leaders Look Forward to Welcoming a New Class of Golden Knights

St. Francis High School is pleased to announce that the school will once again be participating in the nationwide Link Crew Program during the 2012-2013 school year. The purpose of the Link Crew Program is to help freshmen feel more comfortable and enable them to achieve success in their first year of high school. The school recently announced the names of the juniors and seniors who will be leading the program this Fall.

At St. Francis the Link Crew freshman orientation and transition program takes place at the start of the school year and is designed to welcome and support freshmen by assigning a group of 8 freshmen to a junior and senior Link Leader. The junior and senior Link Leaders serve as mentors to the freshmen during the entire school year. Each Link Leader volunteers to participate in the program and is hand selected by the faculty and staff based on their demonstrated ability to serve as a responsible role model and positive Christian leader on campus. The selected Link Leaders will also go through sixteen hours of training over the summer to prepare them for their mentor positions.

Current freshmen Mike Reilly and Pablo Ariaz are grateful for the Link Crew Program. Reilly praised the program as the “best thing” while Ariaz described his Link experience as “extremely helpful.” “I feel like I have a big brother here on campus,” Reilly said when interviewed. Both young men smiled as they talked about the sense of brotherhood that the program fosters. St. Francis senior and Link Leader, Kristion Grbavac, describes his Link experience with the freshmen as “Rewarding.” “The Link Program breaks class barriers and fosters a stronger spirit of brotherhood. I enjoy watching each freshman in my group gain confidence and I relish helping them succeed,” he said. Grbavac also served as a varsity football team captain and active member of the Campus Ministry team during the course of his senior year.

Fore more Link Crew information visit the program website at

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