Lions, Tigers, and Bears…Oh My – First Graders Create Animal Reports

My 1A class at Clairbourn has been studying different types of animals in our vertebrate/invertebrate unit these past three months. We recently completed our Animal Reports–the culmination of all the students have been learning.

Each child had the opportunity to research and report on an animal of their choice. The students recorded their prior knowledge about their animal and listed questions they wanted answered from their research. We used library books as well as the research program PebbleGo with our class computers and ipads.

Students learned how to take notes and then transformed those notes into sentences. The final report included their findings, had a bio section on themselves as the researcher, and included an illustrated cover page. Once the report was completed, students made 3D models of their animals out of Crayola Modeling Foam.

The final step was to share their projects with their classmates and with headmaster Dr. Nafie through a “Gallery Walk” event. Each student received 5 blank sticky notes to use for writing words of affirmation about their classmate’s reports. It was wonderful to see the children’s faces light up when someone complimented their work. The children especially liked reading what Dr. Nafie had to say about their reports.

I am very impressed with the quality of work my students produced. They worked very hard and it certainly shows in the final product. I am very proud of them!

To view more pictures of this event, click here.

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