Local Green School Award Recipient Plans for Earth Day Their Way!

Voted ‘Greenest Campus’ by California’s Green Technology Leadership Summit, Aveson School of Leaders (ASL) in Altadena, CA is not satisfied with just recycling bottles and cans. A unique Pasadena charter school, Aveson is yet again pushing the envelope to raise the environmental consciousness of both the students and families it serves. Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, parent volunteers of this zero-waste campus are swinging into action for the inaugural Earth Day Community Celebration, which is free and open to the public.

The event is planned to commemorate the significance of Earth Day as well as highlight groundbreaking environmental programs initiated by parents including an Organics Recovery and Composting Program, a sustainable Recycle Center and renovations and expansion of the campus’ organic Vegetable Garden.

The event will showcase keynote speakers Eugene Cook, a holistic urban farmer who will be talking about the benefits of gardening and growing your own food as a means to build community and to grow spiritually and Christine Lenches-Hinkel, a local Altadena/Pasadena resident and founder of Waste Less Living, an environmental consulting company that helped design and implement the Organics Recovery and Composting Program on their campus, and at other schools in the district.

Ms. Lenches-Hinkel will talk about the importance of waste reduction in our society, recovering organics in the waste stream and the environmental impacts associated with landfills and recycling. Other environmental groups and organizations that will be exhibiting include: E-Roots, Farmscape, Label GMO, Arroyo Food Coop, NELA, Papua Coffee, Carmela Creamery, Arroyo Time Bank, Greywaters Corp., Institute of Domestic Technology, the US Green Building Council, and others.

Debrah Lemattre, Aveson’s Healthy Living Action Team Facilitator said, “We strongly believe that the health of our children is integrally linked to the state and quality of our environment. Healthy living in mind, body and spirit starts with taking care of the Earth. This event will provide our community with the much needed resources to make healthy life choices at home – like gardening, composting and recycling.”

Other activities to be offered include: Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Stand, Pony Rides and an On-site Petting Zoo, Harvest Give-Aways, Recycled Objects Arts & Crafts projects, Live Music, Bike Exchange with Steve’s Bikes, and Eeco-Films screening throughout the day. Aveson’s Kitchen Kreations will provide affordable locally sourced organic food and beverages in the morning and afternoon, served without disposableware.

All discards will be recovered for composting and not landfilling making for a near zero-waste event. Sebastian Congnetta, Ed.D, Director of Curriculum at Aveson Education Cooperative said, “A well-rounded education includes educating our students and community about the importance of treating our environment responsibly. At Aveson, we are fortunate enough to have students, staff members, and motivated parents who all share in this belief. Due to the tireless efforts of our parent-run Healthy Living Action Team, the Earth Day event is gearing up to be a wonderful experience for all.”

Earth Day at Aveson is Free & Open to the Public and will be held on Saturday, April 21, 2012 between 10:00am – 2:00pm at Aveson School, 1919 Pinecrest Drive, Altadena. For more information on this event, contact Debrah Lemattre at Debrah@me.com.

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