Loren Kleinrock Appointed as San Marino Unified Interim Superintendent

Published : Thursday, September 13, 2018 | 12:58 PM

Due to the resignation of Dr. Cherniss, the Board of Education has met twice in Closed Session to discuss its next steps and the appointment of a new superintendent. The Board determined that because of the proximity of the next school board election and because this time of the school year is not ideal for selecting a highly qualified superintendent, it makes sense to allow the newly constituted school board to select the next permanent superintendent next year. The Board then evaluated the attributes that it feels are important for an interim superintendent. Given that the school year has already started, the Board felt it was important to appoint someone who can step right into the position and will not have the steep learning curve that one would expect for someone new to the duties of a superintendent and District administrator. The Board also recognized the value of appointing someone who already knows the San Marino community, schools, and District administrators and employees very well.

The Board of Education took unanimous action during Closed Session tonight to appoint Loren Kleinrock as the interim superintendent through June 30, 2019, or until such a time that a new superintendent is selected. Not only is Mr. Kleinrock well acquainted with the San Marino community through his 40 plus years of employment with the SMUSD, Mr. Kleinrock served successfully as the superintendent of our San Marino schools from 2011 to 2014 and has a proven track record of providing steadfast leadership. Since his retirement in 2014, Mr. Kleinrock has remained closely involved in the San Marino community, as well as with the SMUSD, as he has been a consultant providing support services regarding curriculum, professional development, and administrative coaching. We are confident that Mr. Kleinrock, with the support of his excellent Cabinet and District personnel, will provide expertise, experience, stability and continuity while the newly constituted school board searches for a new superintendent after the upcoming election. Please join me in congratulating Mr. Kleinrock and thanking him for, once again, saying “yes” to the District and the San Marino community.

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