Los Angeles High Schools and Nonprofits Team Up for "The Tomorrow Prize" Short Science Fiction Writing Competition

High school students offer their vision for the future now through February

Published : Thursday, October 5, 2017 | 12:13 PM

High school students from schools across Los Angeles County are invited to submit their original short science fiction stories to The Tomorrow Prize now through February 26, 2018. The finalists’ stories will be read by celebrity guests on stage at LitFest Pasadena in May and the winners will receive cash prizes. Presented by the arts and education nonprofit Light Bringer Project and Sci-Fest L.A., The Tomorrow Prize is an opportunity for students to shine as the thinkers of the future.

The Tomorrow Prize identifies and nurtures the up-and-coming science fiction writing talent of Los Angeles County. Science fiction is a uniquely inspiring medium that has enabled many of our great thinkers and scientists to imagine the heights and limits of human achievement, leading to important moral and ethical debate, long range planning for humanity, and scientific innovation. Writers are encouraged to explore scientific, social, technological, environmental, and philosophical themes in their writing and always, at the core, to master the art of great storytelling.

High schools are encouraging their students to explore their present through speculating about their future and to excel in the art of storytelling in their entries. The Tomorrow Prize is open to all 9th to 12th grade students attending schools in Los Angeles County. Up to six finalists are chosen and their stories will be read by celebrity guests on stage at LitFest Pasadena on May 20, 2018. First, second, and third place prizes, as well as certificates, will be presented to the finalists and the honorable mentions at the reading. In the last three years, around 15 schools and hundreds of students have participated in The Tomorrow Prize. “Science fiction has the power to both motivate students to write and inspire them to imagine our future like no other medium,” says The Tomorrow Prize Director Rosalind Helfand. “We can’t wait to see what they dream up this year!”

“The Green Feather Award” Recognizes Outstanding Sci-Fi Overcoming Environmental Challenges: For the first time, the Los Angeles Audubon is partnering with The Tomorrow Prize to present “The Green Feather Award.” This award recognizes an outstanding science fiction short story by a teen author [or team of authors] that centers on overcoming today’s environmental challenges. Strong entries will highlight the importance of ecology and biodiversity in some way, and The Tomorrow Prize is especially excited to see the local ecology, geography, culture, and environmental concerns of Southern California emphasized. Said Los Angeles Audubon, “The Los Angeles Audubon Society is thrilled to sponsor the Green Feather Award! The award will be presented to a teen author (or a team of authors) who dream big and imagine overcoming today’s environmental challenges. What positive changes do you envision in your futuristic world? We look forward to seeing what the future holds!”

The Tomorrow Prize for Short Science Fiction by a Los Angeles County High School Student Submissions is Open from October 2, 2017 – February 26, 2018. The Celebrity Readings of Finalists’ Stories & Awards will be presented at LitFest Pasadena on May 20, 2018.

Prizes Include: First Place – $250; Second Place – $150; Third Place – $100; and The Green Feather Award – $250 and Los Angeles Audubon Membership.

For More Information & to Submit Stories visit  http://www.lightbringerproject.org/science-fiction-contests.


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