Lycee International De Los Angeles: Artist en Residence

Published : Friday, March 23, 2012 | 6:48 AM

Laurent Moreau

This year’s artist in residence, Laurent Moreau, who arrived in February, 2012 and got settled in did not travel lightly as he came loaded down with a huge and fantastic portfolio filled with wonders and original copies of his work to share with the kids.

Laurent Moreau was born in France (Bretagne). He graduated from an art school in Strasbourg. He is the author of children’s books and is involved in the entire production process from text to artwork to actual printing. He also does graphic design work for the newspapers and cultural programs. He dabbles in photography and works specifically with Polaroid pictures and is also a member of a musical duo.

Lycee International De Los Angeles (LILA) elementary students of all campuses including Pasadena and grades have already gotten familiar with Laurent’s work and someone may have had a chance to get some feedback from your kids about his creations.

LILA’s Orange County students had already met with him and started laying down the foundation for the big project they will create together over the course of the next 4 weeks. Laurent will travel to all campuses and this author refuse to give away what exactly is going to happen… but the staff will send teasers out regularly before the closing expos where parents and families get to bathe in the creations of their kids.

For more information about Laurent Moreau can take a tour of his website at:

For more information, visit

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