Maranatha High School: Consider Carpooling to School

Meeting your next best friend, learning a life lesson, and having a crash course in high school Physics. These are just some of the reasons why students should carpool, instead of driving by themselves every single day. Here are 4 more reasons why you might want to carpool.

1. It saves money! Do you know how much money you can save by sharing a ride, and carpooling? Loads! Do you know what you can do with all that saved money?

2. You can start your own adventure – Think of all the possibilities carpooling can open. For another alternative to driving – check out public transportation. Maranatha High School subsidizes 50% of students’ TAP cards so a student pass from MTA costs only $12 a month.

3. Make more friends! – Want to make new ones? Get bored driving to school alone? Carpooling is the solution to finding your new Best Friend for life. Or at least till when you reach school!

4. It’s safe!-Traveling in groups is generally safer than on your own, but with technology options like Driver and Passenger rating system, mobile and email verifications, carpooling is a lot safer than the last time you checked.

Maranatha High School issues parking permits for their Junior and Senior students who have a valid license and proof of insurance. Most days you’ll see some of them providing their fellow students a ride to or from school.

For more information about getting to school, visit Maranatha High School is located at 169 South Saint John Avenue in Pasadena and can be reached at (626) 817-4000.



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