Maranatha High School Enhances Campus Safety

Published : Thursday, October 3, 2013 | 1:00 AM

Maranatha High School has announced that it made “extensive” upgrades to its campus safety and emergency preparedness services for the 2013-2014 school year.

The school said it is collaborating with “Off Duty Officers,” a contracted security team that provides highly trained ex-law enforcement and military personnel experienced at serving in an educational context.

Campus Security Director Tammy Horton deploys a lead officer during peak campus hours as well as two other security officers during each of the three daily shifts. One of these security officers is stationed at the Visitor’s Lot to ensure all guests are identified and receive a Visitor’s Pass before entering the campus.

The underground parking garage gates will be also be closed during the school day starting this fall. Students parked in the lot have access to leave for approved appointments if they are properly checked out through the front office.

Maranatha’s other improved campus safety measures planned for the next few months include the addition of several more security cameras, with a focus on our buildings’ interiors, entrance and exit doors, as well as the parking structure. The school will also be replacing the current locking mechanisms around campus with key card access, which is easily programmed and assists in monitoring building access.

“We are blessed to be in a highly visible and accessible location in the heart of Pasadena,” said David Gyertson, the school’s headmaster. “These enhanced safety and preparedness services will help us provide the most comfortable, convenient and secure campus for our mission of providing a quality Christ-centered college preparatory education at Maranatha.”

Maranatha has also upgraded its disaster preparedness services with its enhanced staff training and drills. Over 50 staff and coaches recently received CPR and First Aid instruction with another round of training to come. All coaches are required to have CPR certification.

In addition, four additional Automated External Defibrillators have been mounted around campus for a total of seven defibrillators. The school said studies suggest that in the event of a cardiac arrest these life-saving devices increase survival rate by 60 percent.

Maranatha’s Campus Safety Team is also planning one drill or disaster training per month to ensure staff and students are prepared for a crisis. Maranatha is partnering with Pasadena Police and Fire in the coming months to simulate a major emergency on our campus and learn from the Response Team’s methods.

The school has recently invested in emergency backpacks that are strategically placed around the campus should the emergency supplies be inaccessible, in addition to its several days worth of food, water, and emergency supplies for the entire staff and student body.

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