Maranatha High School Junior Matriculating to USC

Published : Friday, May 9, 2014 | 1:49 AM

Maranatha junior, Jenay Yuen, has been accepted to USC’s Resident Honors Program next fall as a freshman. USC’s Resident Honors program is designed for highly successful and mature high school juniors who want to get a jump start on college by bypassing their senior year of high school. The average SAT score of applicants to this program is a 2200 and less than 30 are accepted each year.

While pursuing this selective program, Jenay prayed a lot and asked God that He would make it obvious to her. She is driven and wants to move forward with her career goals. However, Jenay noted her continued prayer this year, that she would be pursing this for the right reason, “not out of pride or to seem unique, but to pursue a greater future so God could use me in numerous ways.” She added, “When I am too comfortable, I can get spiritually lazy, and I know with this program God will stretch me both academically and spiritually.”

With her acceptance to USC’s Resident Honors Program, Jenay received a Dean’s Scholarhsip and will be studying Biophysics at the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences. Even though she will only be sixteen when she starts school, Jenay will live in the dorms and be considered a regular college student.

Jenay’s parents are very supportive of her and excited for this opportunity at USC. They are familiar with the program as their first daughter, Janice Yuen, also attended this same USC program and is currently attending medical school at Georgetown University. Jenay is following a family passion as she also hopes to pursue medicine after her undergraduate degree. Not only is her sister pursuing medicine, but her mother is an eye surgeon, and father is a radiation oncologist.

Besides her seven courses, including four Advanced Placement and one honors course this year, Jenay finds time to play on the Advanced Instrumental Ensemble at MHS. She plays violin, viola, and bass and has been a member of Maranatha’s orchestra for three years. She has won awards for her fine arts and she also participates in the California Scholarship Federation and National Honors Society at MHS. In addition, this summer, Jenay will participate in a ten-week internship with a stem cell research team through the City of Hope.

Her College & Guidance Counselor, Mr. Bell, has been delighted to support Jenay through the USC application process this year. He notes, “Jenay is a great example of a student who works hard, is kind to others, and is very successful. She has the ability to do whatever she wants. She was very proactive during the application process and a pleasure to work with. This program is a rare opportunity and I was pleased to be a part of it.”

Jenay shared that there are a number of things she will miss about Maranatha such as the supportive faith community, the dedicated teachers that help her faith grow, the excellent advanced art program, the orchestra that has been a family to her, and her close friends. Despite all that she will leave, she is certainly excited for this next chapter of her life. She is excited for the rigorous academics, to join a Christian group at USC, and most of all, she says, “I am excited to see what God has in store for my life.”

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