Maranatha High School's New Principal is Ready to Lead

Published : Friday, May 27, 2016 | 3:53 PM

John Rouse

Maranatha High School recently announced the appointment of a new principal and their choice was one of the most beloved and respected leaders the school has known in its 50-year history. MHS native, John Rouse, is the absolute epitome of a familiar face around campus. Mr. Rouse has served in an extensive variety of roles over the last three decades at Maranatha including teacher, head coach, dean of academics, athletic administrator, vice principal, principal, and co-administrator. These roles equipped him with detailed knowledge of how a school functions and provided him perspective on effective leadership. As if his charisma and contagious smile were not enough, his desire and passion to ignite the spiritual maturity of the MHS student body and chart a path toward the future, aligned with the school’s mission and purpose, is completely evident and at the center of his vision for the school.

Mr. Rouse’s journey began in 1981 when he was hired at Maranatha High School as a World History faculty and cross country/track coach. He holds a Masters in Education in School Administration from Azusa Pacific University and has served numerous times as an ACSI accreditation team member at Christian schools located in the greater Southern California area as well.

John became a Christian his sophomore year in high school. However, his spiritual journey really took off when he applied for a coaching position at Maranatha back in 1981. As a young teacher and relatively young believer, the teachers and administrators at Maranatha invested in John. They prayed with him and for him, and taught him the ideas of Christian Education, how it applies to students, but more importantly, how it would impact his own life. John shared, “I have a rich heritage of seeing the faithfulness of God through our school, through His shaping of my life to truly live out my faith humbly before the Christian communities of my school and church. I continue to strive to know Him and His Word and also to be used by God to minister to the teachers and community here at Maranatha.”

Principal Rouse’s goal at Maranatha High School is to be intentional and pursue the excellence that the school is striving to achieve in its students. He seeks to lead the faculty and staff to equip all students at Maranatha with the knowledge, competencies, and orientations needed for success, and to maximize learning. In doing so the school will prepare them to be the Christian leaders of the next generation. “In this way, they can confidentially live out their faith in a culture that daily tries to destroy it. This process begins in the classroom and continues by celebrating and equipping their faith and talents outside of the classroom.”

Mr. Rouse is looking forward to all that God has for our school in 2016-2017 school year, which will mark his 34th year dedicated to the Maranatha community.

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