Maranatha Students Share Leadership Tips at Rosebud Academy

Published : Wednesday, March 2, 2016 | 1:36 PM

Maranatha students Skyye De Catur and Regina Pullens getting ready to speak with Rosebud middle schoolers

Regina Pullens and the 6-8 Rosebud girls

Recently, two Maranatha High School students spoke with area middle school students about leadership. Maranatha senior Regina Pullens and junior Skyye De Catur visited 6-8th grade students at Rosebud Academy. Their school Principal and founder Shawn Brumfield invited Maranatha students to speak in support of the school’s current character education program. This was the first time Rosebud Academy has invited students from another school to speak and Mrs. Brumfield said, “The visit from Maranatha students was very positive. Every one of our Rosebud students took away something that will assist them now and in their future.” Maranatha students Regina and Skyye each spoke to a group of approximately 30 Rosebud girls or boys.

Skyye De Catur with the 6-8 grade boys from Rosebud Academy

Regina, as one of the 2016 Rose princesses, focused on the theme of royalty. She started by sharing a little about herself including some tough times she encountered in middle school. She then shared about the qualities of a good leader and how to navigate high school and get involved. She ended by sharing about her Tournament of Roses Royal Court experience and how grades, service opportunities, confidence, and speaking ability all played a role in her Rose Court selection. At the end of her talk, she presented each girl with a token crown and reminded them each by name that they were royalty.

In speaking with the boys, Skyye used a lot of every day examples to show them how a leader behaves. Skyye started by touching on challenges he faced in a former school and how his experiences eventually shaped his character. What he learned from his mistakes, as well as his strong drive for his future goals, gave him the motivation to change. Skyye expressed the significance of making good choices. He talked about confidence, peer pressure, the value of good grades, as well as the importance of positive appearance and presentation.

Both Skyye and Regina spent time after their presentations answering questions and relating one-on-one with the Rosebud students. They were grateful for the chance to encourage younger students to reach for their goals and be leaders in their community.

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