Maranatha's Dr. Allen Jang Goes on a Journey to Rediscover Tai Chi

Published : Thursday, April 6, 2017 | 2:30 PM

While visiting Hubei in Central China, Maranatha High School’s very own Dr. Allen Jang, along with other western trained physicians, had an opportunity to meet with Chinese physicians Dr. Shawn Hu and Phoenix Xia. Dr. Hu was trained in Tai Chi at Wu-Dang Mountain monastery, the legendary founding place of Tai Chi. He gave a mini-workshop on holistic medicine and seminars in Traditional Chinese Medicine, gave a dazzling display of Chen and Wu-Dang Tai Chi, and performed Tui Na therapeutic massage and acupuncture. Later, Dr. Jang interviewed Dr. Hu and spent six days practicing Tai Chi (including push hands) with both Dr. Hu and Dr Xia.

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