Maranatha’s Mixed Ensemble Sings for USC Choir

Back row: Brad Campbell, Daniel Hsieh, Kendal Hollimon, Luke Simon. Middle row : Johnathan McCullah, Philip Ahn, Seren Babikian, Jennie Elliot, Kendra Fitzgerald, Grace Duran, Moriah Lowe. Front row: Hannah silk, Kelly Ng, Emmah Hawsler, Gina chronkite, Holly Campbell, Karen Dahlia, Megan Rinner, Blair Feng, Amber Lambert, Gannah Arakian-Akkus.
Top row: Kendal Hollimon, Luke Simon, Johnathan McCullah, Ganneh Avakian-Akkus, Brad Campbell, Daniel Hsieh, Philip Ahn. Middle row: Amber Lambert, Seren Babikian, Hannah Silk, Moriah Lowe, Megan Rinner, Grace Duran, Kendra Fitzgerald. Bottom row: Emma Hausler, Holly Campbell, Kelly Ng, Blair Feng, jennie Elliot, Gina Cronkite, Karen Dahlia

Just before Thanksgiving Break, Maranatha High School’s Mixed Ensemble, led by Dr. Garineh Avakian, traveled to USC to visit the USC Chamber Singers Rehearsal, led by Dr. Avakian’s former professor Dr. Jo-Michael Scheibe. Dr. Avakian’s purpose for the field trip was to show her students the high caliber, high standards, and professionalism exuded by the top choral group at USC. For example, many Maranatha students were impressed that the Chamber Singers had all their music memorized, and were able to instantly change pitch or speed with the slightest move of the director’s finger. Dr. Avakian said, “It was an eye opener for these high school students. I wanted to show them what the next level of music arts looks like to inspire them to reach for it.” Her goal was accomplished, at least in junior Daniel Hsieh who remarked, “Hearing this choir makes me want to practice even more so we can be better.”

Back row(standing)(from the left): Brad Campbell, Philip Ahn, Kendal Holliman, and Johnothan McCullah. Middle row (kneeling) (from the left): Serene Babikian, Megan Renner, Moriah Lowe, Grace Duran, Kelly Ng, Amber Lambert, Blaire Feng, Holly Campbell, Kendra Fitzgerald, Luke Simon, & Daniel Hiseh. Front row (from the left):Emma Hausler, Karen Dhalia, Gina chronkite, Jennie Elliot, & Hannah Silk.

Dr. Scheibe welcomed Maranatha’s Mixed Ensemble and asked the students about their school and Performing Arts Department. Maranatha students took pride in answering all of his questions and according to Dr. Avakian, “were professional, courteous, observant, and carried themselves with such maturity throughout the day”. After enjoying the Chamber Singers, Dr. Scheibe asked the Maranatha students to sing for them. When they were done, he praised the ensemble for their professional stance, vivid expression, and for producing such excellent sound, especially for only having six guys. He commented on the challenging choice of music and surmised that the students were “doing terrific work at Maranatha”.

Dr. Avakian has many plans for her Mixed Ensemble over the next few months. In December they will perform at Lake Avenue Church for their Goldline Concert Series, as well as other venues such as the Atherton Retirement Community, the ACSI Musicale, at Disneyland, and to be fair, she plans to take her to students to hear UCLA’s choir next semester. From March 10-12, many of her students will be performing in Maranatha’s version of the musical “Big Fish”. Tickets for the performances at the Ambassador Auditorium will go on sale in February at

Maranatha High School, 169 S. St. John Avenue, Pasadena, (626) 817-4000 or visit

Back row: Kendal Holliman, Luke Simon, Johnothan McCullah, Brad Campell, Philia Ahn 2nd step: Seren Babikian, Kelly Ng, amber lambert , Daniel Hiseh. 1st step: Emma Hausler, Grace Duran, Blair Feng, Gina chronkite, Kendra Fitzgerald. Floor (first row): Moriah Lowe, Megan Rinner, Karen Dhalia, Holly Campbell, Hannah Silk.





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