Marshall Boosters Announces "Fund Run" for March 3, 2018

Published : Tuesday, February 6, 2018 | 12:06 PM

With a beautiful new gymnasium, energetic parent support, a generous donor, and the ongoing dedication of the Marshall Athletic Boosters, our school athletics program is poised for great things in 2018! The well-rounded program features 12 high school sports and 26 teams for both boys and girls and contributes to a spirited student body by promoting athletic achievement and sportsmanship. Of Marshall’s 1,100 high school students, more than 450 individuals participate in high school athletics; the high school program can count 535 players when including athletes who play multiple sports.

Recently, a community member– who has asked to remain anonymous – offered a generous donation of $75,000 that will cover the purchase of all high school team uniforms this year. The donor noted that the act was to support Marshall athletes’ team spirit, motivation, and teammate camaraderie, something not lost on Principal Dr. Anderson. “It is this type of support from our community partners that build morale among the athletes, our athletic program, and the entire student body,” he says. “We are proud of how our athletes represent Marshall in the community and we are grateful and appreciative of the generous donation to support our student athletes and our school.”

Inspired by the donor’s charity and motivated to encourage additional support of our teams, Marshall Athletic Boosters has announced the Marshall “Fund” Run, a walk and run-a-thon scheduled for Saturday, March 3, 2018, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Funds for this event will go toward all Track and Field needs, including daily PE classes, the LEARNs middle school athletic program, and for our high school athletic programs. Philip Calafat, the school’s Athletic Director, points out that investment in Marshall’s physical spaces is critical to a successful program, noting “Marshall has a high percentage of students wanting to participate in competitive sports. Our greatest challenge is our physical plant with limited field availability.”

Here’s where the Marshall Athletic Boosters step in! Founded 10 years ago during the deep budget cuts forced by the Great Recession, the Boosters provide critical financial assistance for team equipment and uniform purchases, field and facility improvements, tournament fees, student assistance, and special initiatives. Comprising Marshall parents, supporters and sports enthusiasts, the Boosters meet monthly and relies on consistent and dependable parent support to make Marshall athletics competitive.

Every student is encouraged to participate in the Marshall Fund Run. The Booster’s first-year goal is to raise $50,000; to do that, the Boosters must secure partnerships for gifts and awards, business donations, and widespread collaboration with all parent groups and student volunteers. Wayne Hammack, Athletic Booster Chairperson, invites everyone to join in the Marshall Fund Run: “Please consider joining us as we look to build upon our past successes to make Marshall’s athletic program the best it can be.”

To donate directly to the Fund Run, visit
For questions, donations, and how to help contact:
Wayne Hammack, Athletic Boosters Chairperson:
Rex Moats, Fundraising Chairperson:

Marshall Fundamental Secondary School, 990 North Allen Avenue, Pasadena, (626) 396-5810 or visit








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