Marshall Fundamental 6th Grade Students Get a Fresh Look at Jazz and Skateboarding

Published : Wednesday, October 3, 2018 | 2:51 PM

As Mr. Eric Rodriguez’s 6th Grade students poured into their seats they had no clear idea what lied ahead. What they knew was the time, place, and location. They heard about Jason Moran and the Bandwagon event at the Ford Theater on Friday, September 28th. They knew to expect jazz and skateboarding and they also knew to leave their personal skateboards at home.

When the action started it was the jazz, the musical parts seemed intentional as the boarding was improvisational. It was art, it was music, it was the eclectic combination of both as the stage mics picked up the clicks and rattles of the wheels as culture and urbanization collided and collaborated. Mr. Rodriquez shared “It was exciting for the kids, they got to experience jazz and to see the skateboarding as part of the action.”

Following the performance, there was a Question and Answer period where the audience was able to ask questions. One of the lessons learned was each artist and boarder had a different path to their current career as a performer.

During their time at the Ford Theater, Mr. Rodriguez met Noel Applebaum, Marshall Fundamental Class of 1961 Alumni. Mr. Applebaum was happy to speak with Mr Rodriquez about his time in Pasadena and as a Marshall student.

Marshall Fundamental School thanks UCLA and the Design for Sharing Program for providing this great opportunity for its students.

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