Mayfield Alumnae Return to Recall Their Journeys in the Sciences

Published : Saturday, February 2, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Anita Vishwanath Fears ’99 MD and Allison Morgan ‘10 returned to the Mayfield Senior School campus recently to speak about their experiences as women studying and working in the sciences.

Anita lives in Orange County and works as an Emergency Room doctor. She spoke to students about the journey of going through medical school, the many steps along the path and how she decided to go into emergency medicine.

With many soon-to-graduate seniors in the room, the discussion focused on the early years in college, how to best prepare oneself for the difficulties of medical school and the exciting challenges that await students in their undergraduate years.

Anita also touched on the subjects of being a professional woman and dating, marriage and how to decide when to start a family. Anita was married in June 2012.

In her Junior year at Reed College where she studies Physics, Allie spoke about her choices which lead her to studying Physics over Math, and what she hopes to achieve with her degree.

Students discussed time management, campus clubs and gender inequalities in the science and math fields. The talks answered many questions which students who are considering the sciences while in college had and helped to solidify an image of what it is like to lead out the gates of Mayfield and into the real world; a step many will be boldly taking soon!

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