Mayfield Junior Middle School Implements New Online Community

Imagine a school with an ideal central kiosk where ideas are shared, innovation is encouraged and information is communicated daily to keep students, teachers and parents aware and engaged. Mayfield Junior School’s Middle School took a giant leap toward that ideal this fall by implementing Schoology, an internet-based Learning Management System (LMS) that virtually links all members of the middle school community.

But Schoology does much more than serve as a virtual bulletin board, according to Middle School Director Bridget Kelley-Lossada. It offers the potential to create an, “online classroom environment, an extension to the physical classroom space with increased collaboration and collegiality among faculty and students, and increased organization overall.”

The teachers appreciate the many options and the ease in which they can engage students beyond the regular class time. Students quickly initiated collaborative online discussions to review homework assignments and brainstorm for book report and project ideas.

As a director Ms. Kelley-Lossada is looking forward to seeing how the features a program like Schoology offers will enhance the academic program and support the creativity in teaching and learning that has been embraced at Mayfield. Customization and ease of use are key. Add a little ingenuity and the potential is unlimited.

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