Mayfield Junior School - D-Lab Spotlight: An "Egg"cellent Experiment

Published : Thursday, September 15, 2016 | 5:42 PM

In Mayfield’s 7th Grade IDEA Lab students tested their ingenuity in the great Egg Drop experiment. Using their creativity and the extensive collection of resources within the new D-Lab, students were asked to design a lightweight vessel that would absorb the force of a fall and protect an egg. Working in teams they presented their projects (which were appropriately named) to classmates who predicted egg survival based on structure and materials used. Then it was time to test their creations – would Cup O’ Egg, Snuggle McPuffs and Storm Cloud achieve success?

At the drop location, teams took a deep breath and dropped their vessels with an egg tucked inside. Some survived the drop, others not so much, but with failure comes growth. Time to rethink and try again!

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