Mayfield Junior School: "Proud of Our Decathletes"

Published : Wednesday, March 8, 2017 | 1:04 PM

Hard work pays off. After months of preparation the Mayfield Junior School Decathlon Team competed on Sunday, March 5 with 105 Catholic schools at the LA Archdiocese Junior High Decathlon taking 5th overall. The Team achieved second place in the Super Quiz team event and finished in the top 20 for the Logic Quiz team event.

In addition eight team members won individual medals or placed in the top 20. English: 2nd place Marshall Smith, Literature: 4th place Frances Burton, Fine Arts: 5th place Carolyn Lira, Math: 6th place Katie Huntsman, Current Events: 7th place Ryan Lo, Religion: 7th place Sophia Labrador, Science: Top 20 Matthew Di Fronzo, Social Studies: Top 20 Elizabeth Lira.

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