Mayfield Junior School: So Much to Celebrate

Published : Friday, July 7, 2017 | 4:26 PM

I don’t know about you, but I have been caught up in the celebration of our students and their experience over the past nine months.


In the midst of all the classes, assignments, games, performances, projects and assessments our kids have learned a great deal and moved forward in their lives. Our work together has given them so much, and as a result, we should feel very proud. While gaining an education is a very long road, it is important for us to notice the stages of their journey and recognize them. Although we have been cheering for them along the way, it is also important to close the experience with praise and recognition. Positive reinforcement.

It is such an important part of building a positive relationship with our children through sharing in celebration. The affirmation of a person’s gifts, talents and effort is crucial for validating the value of their experience, especially during a time when they are developing their foundation. As we encourage participation and involvement in worthwhile activities, it is essential to recognize all that a child does to contribute to his or her own personal growth.

We celebrate because we share the outcomes of the actions of others. We share emotional connections with our children that naturally emerge through our demonstrated approval of their behavior. This is especially important when those activities or accomplishments are something we suggested or promoted.

Our Mayfield students, each and every one, have made great strides this year. Sure, some growth has been more obvious than others, but without exception each child has improved in so many ways. It is up to us to recognize those things carefully, thoughtfully and sincerely. Let your child know that you appreciate all they have accomplished and allow them to look at the summer as a time to prepare for another year of successes.

It is a long road, but we need to cheer them on along the way, at every step.

Joseph J. Gill – Headmaster


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