Mayfield Junior School Students Step Forward to Care for Families and School Devastated by Hurricane Harvey

Published : Tuesday, October 17, 2017 | 1:37 PM

Mayfield Junior School students are witnessing the pain and suffering taking place across the globe and expressed their desire to make a direct and positive impact during these challenging times. Inspired by these gestures of care, MJS reached out to Sacred Heart School (SHS), a Pre-K to 5th grade Catholic institution in the community of Rockport, Texas that was hit particularly hard as it is located where Hurricane Harvey made landfall. Mayfield staff led by Faith Formation Team Leader, Jason Wolfe, and Dean of Community Life, Myvonwynn Hopton-Ahmed, learned about Sacred Heart’s immediate needs and asked how direct support could be provided.

Sacred Heart is the only school in the Archdiocese of Corpus Christi that is still closed due to storm damage, however, the school recently shared good news that it is expected to reopen soon. Students are dispersed throughout the Corpus Christi area in different schools and SHS Principal Kathy Barnes noted some families lost everything from homes to jobs.

Principal Barnes shared her enthusiasm about MJS connecting with SHS students to offer words of encouragement and welcomed other support. In response to Barnes’ sentiments, Mayfield announced the student-driven ‘Hearts of Love’—an effort consisting of letter writing, daily prayer and student collections.

Students came up with creative ways to raise funds on behalf of SHS students. In September, jars were placed in Homeroom and Advisory classrooms. Mayfield students encouraged each other to give how they were able. Students coordinated bake sales, snack bars, redirected their allowance, did extra chores around the house to earn money and gave extra lunch money to ‘Hearts of Love.’ Collections concluded in early October during Mayfield’s Friday School Family meetings. Totals funds raised by MJS students for Sacred Heart exceeded $3,000.

“This is exactly why we do what we do. People are hurting in different parts of our country and around the world and we’re called to help in whatever way we can,” said Wolfe. “At a very young age our students are learning what an impact service can have.”

The Sacred Heart community’s recovery efforts are evolving and as needs are assessed Mayfield will continue to explore ways to aid students and families.

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