Mayfield Junior School Welcomes Holy Child Sisters from Nigeria

Published : Friday, October 2, 2015 | 3:00 PM

There are moments when the internationality of the Holy Child Community can help the world seem smaller and kinder. Cornelia Connelly wrote, “I am a cosmopolitan. The whole world is my country and heaven is my home,” and although she made this statement over 150 years ago, the spirit behind her words is present in the strong connections felt today by hearing her name or seeing the familiar Society crest in any Holy Child community anywhere in the world. Mayfield Junior School is so fortunate this year to experience this feeling with our special visitors Sr. Justina and Sr. Genevieve, Holy Child Sisters from the African Province, who arrived in late August to spend the semester here at MJS.

Both Sisters live and work at Holy Child Schools is Nigeria. Sr. Justina is part of the community at Holy Child Model School (a primary school) in Otukpo and Sr. Genevieve is a faculty member at Holy Child College in Lagos. Although they have only been here a short time, both Sisters feel at home crediting the “joyful spirit” that seems to fill every Holy Child School. While the culture and environment may be different, to Sr. Genevieve, the blessing of Holy Child Schools anywhere in the world is all “children are angels.” Their visit is part of a collaboration initiative with the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, spearheaded by Headmaster, Joseph J. Gill. The arrangements took two years to finalize, and we are excited to now have the two Sisters with us. In his back to school letter to parents, Joe Gill introduced the Sisters, adding “Having these blessed women in our community will enrich our spirit, provide us all with a better understanding of the rich and diverse world we live in, and also help advance Holy Child education on both continents.” And of course making the world feel just a little smaller and kinder.

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