Mayfield Senior School H2O Club Hosts Water Fair

Mayfield Senior Students Riana Chen '13 and Anna Gooch '13 with Kris Klopfenstein of Living Water International after the assembly on campus. Riana, Anna and Laura Reilly '13 were the main team planning the entire event on campus. Photo by Katy Cashman
Student organizers from the H2O and Environmental Clubs at Mayfield Senior School held several different activities after the assembly to raise awareness and money for international water issues. Photo by Katy Cashman

Every 15 seconds, a child in the world dies of a disease that could have been prevented if he or she had clean, safe water to drink. Kris Klopfenstein of Living Water International told Mayfield Senior School students gathered in Pike Auditorium for an assembly hosted by the H2O club that within a matter of minutes, enough children will die to fill each of their spaces. This is a tragedy that students in the H2O club are working to raise awareness about so that together Mayfield students can make real change in the world.

Throughout the holy season of Lent this spring, several Mayfield students gave up drinks other than water and donated the money they would have spent on soda or juice to Living Water International. On Thursday, April 25th, as a part of Earth Week and with support from the Mayfield Environmental Club and Sustainability Committee, students hosted an assembly and Water Fair to raise awareness further. During the assembly, Molly Serhan ’13 spoke about her time in Kenya last summer, when she worked to build a school with other volunteers. One of her most memorable experiences was walking with the mothers of her village for more than an hour to a stagnant, dirty pool of water, then carrying it back to the village together. “I was sore for weeks after that,” Molly said “and I was trading off carrying the water with two other people!”

After Molly gave her testimonial about her experiences, Kris Klopfenstein of Living Water International spoke about the very real and life changing effects a new well and water source has on a village or community in poverty throughout the world. She congratulated Mayfield students for participating in the movement to make change, and offered realistic and concrete ways they could continue to help, for example, by only drinking water for a week each month and donating all the money they saved. “If you do this with friends, by the end of a year or two together you could have a new well in a village, and your work will have saved lives.”

After the assembly, students enjoyed the Water Fair, including a bake sale and raffle drawing, contests to see who could carry water on her head the fastest and who could tell the difference between tap and bottled water and information on discovering your “water footprint”.

This event is part of an ongoing commitment by Mayfield Senior School to keep students aware of their global community and how they can live out the school motto Actions Not Words through their everyday choices. Mayfield strives to build strong global citizens and philanthropic leaders.

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