Mayor of Arcadia Gary Kovacic Reads Barnhart School's Student-Created Book, Bobbie the Bobcat’s New Friend at Arcadia Public Library

Published : Wednesday, March 23, 2016 | 12:39 PM

Mayor of Arcadia Gary Kovacic reads a book written by author, Jadyn E. Lee (right), a Barnhart eighth-grader, and illustrated by Lily Winter Hauge (left), a Barnhart first-grader, and interviews the students about their creation.

Barnhart first-grader, Lily Winter Hauge, and Belle, a Great Pyrenees, from the Pasadena Humane Society participate in Barks and Books. Photo Credit: Keith Lee

A new book created by Barnhart School students, eighth-grader, Jadyn E. Lee, and Lily Winter Hauge, a first-grader, was read by Mayor of Arcadia Gary Kovacic at the Arcadia Public Library’s Barks and Books event Saturday, March 19. Mayor Kovacic interviewed the Barnhart students while reading their Bobbie the Bobcat’s New Friend to local children, parents, and Belle, a Great Pyrenees from the Pasadena Humane Society.

In addition to the honor of having their book read by Mayor Kovacic, the library saved an autographed copy of the book to feature in their Arcadia Room, a special collections room which features the work of local authors and artists. Jadyn became the youngest author and Lily became the youngest illustrator to be showcased.

When Mayor Kovacic asked Jadyn why she picked a snake as one of the characters in the book about making new friends at school, she answered, “I thought that a snake would be good because it could make people a bit anxious or scared. I thought maybe I should introduce a character that looked like that on the outside, but not on the inside. Because that is really what Barnhart is about…you are supposed to truly find the inside of each person.”

Ethan Williamson, Barnhart Head of School stated, “Watching Mayor Kovacic reading our students’ creation was truly a wonderful moment in our school year! The Mayor engaged and interacted so warmly, authentically, and naturally with Jadyn and Lily that we would fit right in at our school! We are so honored to have the Mayor reading their book, which captures Barnhart’s timeless values, and the warm welcoming atmosphere Arcadia is known for.” Williamson added, “I would like to make Mayor Kovacic an honorary Bobcat!”

“We are delighted to have another great children’s book to read in Arcadia and the fact that it is created by our city’s school children is something to celebrate,” said Mayor Kovacic. “The book encourages students to make friends with new students and serves as a vibrant example to all Arcadians to spread kindness to newcomers to our community,” Mayor Kovacic added.

Earlier this month, Barnhart awarded the winner of their “What it Means to be a Bobcat” Children’s Book Writing Contest. Jadyn incorporated the virtue of kindness into her winning story. Lily drew the best bobcat and won the privilege of becoming the illustrator. Mayor Kovacic proclaimed March 2 to be: “Bobbie the Bobcat’s New Friend:

Day of Kindness” in Arcadia coinciding with the winner announcement and book release. The students’ new book was also read at the Arcadia Public Library by local firemen for Read Across America Day. Barnhart School is an independent K – 8 school located in Arcadia. Please visit for more information.


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