Middle School at Barnhart

Published : Friday, July 20, 2018 | 7:10 PM

Barnhart’s Middle School includes a rigorous academic, high school preparatory curriculum in English, World and American History, Life and Earth Science, Algebra, daily P.E. and daily Spanish. Students leave Barnhart with a full year of high school Algebra and Spanish I. In high school, they frequently place in advanced levels of these subjects as well as honors levels in English and History.

A commitment to applying knowledge from the academic subjects is seen in the seven exploratory experiences also included in the program. Each exploratory class is taken for nine weeks in groups of no more than ten students in the areas of:

• Art Appreciation
• Music Appreciation
• Technology
• Life Skills
• Public Speaking
• Writing
• Woodshop

Students also have many opportunities to explore their skills and talents.
In addition to the core content subjects, our students may elect a year-long course of their interest, including:

• Yearbook
• Advanced Band
• Studio Art
• Science Club
• Screenwriting and Production ** NEW THIS YEAR**
• Outdoor Life
• Musical Theatre

All students participate daily physical education with additional opportunities on after-school sports teams (volleyball, basketball, football, soccer).

Barnhart School, 240 West Colorado Blvd., Arcadia, (626) 446-5588 or visit www.barnhartschool.org.









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