Music and the Arts at The Gooden School

Published : Thursday, July 12, 2018 | 12:10 PM

The Gooden School enjoys a strong reputation for its music and arts program. All students participate in instrumental, vocal, and visual arts instruction each week, and they also take part in drama productions.

Concerts and Performances

There are two concerts each year: A Winter Concert (grades 5-8) and the Middle School Spring Concert. Band and orchestra perform at both concerts. All grades (K-8) participate musically in the Lessons and Carols holiday performance.

In the spring, the school has Music in the Morning concert, which is the instrumental music concert for third through fifth grades. There are numerous opportunities for school performances during holiday seasons, teas, chapels, and promotion ceremonies.

“We have seen the power of music throughout history, including Albert Einstein who used his violin to work on challenging formulas. We believe whole heartedly that music nourishes the mind, body, and spirit of an individual and enriches the community, so we are extremely pleased to be partnering with The Gooden School who believes in the same power of the arts.” ~ Paul Jan Zdunek, Former CEO, Pasadena Symphony and Pops

Art Highlights

The art program is based on building art skills and concepts, confidence and knowledge related to art making and art history. The curriculum encourages personal fulfillment through art, an appreciation of artistic heritage, and an awareness of the role of art in society.

Through units of study in drawing, painting, sculpture, and ceramics, students are guided through an exploration of the artistic experience, as well as meeting their personal artistic goals. Students display their work during the Spring Art Fair.

Kindergarten - Third-Grade Production of Annie and Andy

Drama Highlights

Drama is an important element of Gooden’s classical education and all students participate in a drama performance each year. Past performances have included plays, operas and musicals; many scripts have been written by Gooden teachers. The music and art teachers are involved in the productions as are parents who help with set and costume design. All members of the community look forward to these productions each year where we witness student gifts revealed on stage.

Fifth Grade Drama Production - American Revolution

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