Muslim and Catholic Women Visitors in Conversation with Immaculate Heart High School & Middle School Eighth Graders

Published : Monday, April 2, 2018 | 5:33 PM

Visitors from the Muslim and Catholic Women in Conversation group came to speak with eighth graders about the similarities and differences between Islam and Catholicism.

Amani Kamel, one of the group’s Muslim women, began with a discussion of Ramadan, the month-long commemoration of the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. Kamel explained that Ramadan has many similarities to the Catholic observance of Lent, as Ramadan is also a month of fasting and a time when Muslims endeavor to abstain from sinful behavior.

There are differences as well, however, as Ana Cape, one of the group’s Catholic women, pointed out. For instance, Muslim fasting during Ramadan lasts from dawn to sunset, and is practiced every day of the month. On the other hand, while Lent, is a time when Catholics abstain from normal indulgences, only Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are obligatory fasting days. Additionally, this fasting is defined as only partaking of one full meal during the day, which may be broken into smaller meals, rather than going totally without food or drink during sunlight hours.

Kamel and Cape closed their discussion by talking about the importance of being able to speak openly and respectfully with people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions. Through groups such as theirs, people are able to come together and broaden their understanding of and appreciation for the rich diversity that makes our world so wonderful.

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