New Horizon School: A Visit from the Mayor

Published : Friday, March 10, 2017 | 5:09 PM

“Who inspired you to become mayor?” “What is the most serious problem that you are dealing with as Mayor of Pasadena?” “What improvements would you like to see in terms of infrastructure in Pasadena?” “Do you like your job?”

These are just some of the questions that New Horizon School students asked Mayor Terry Tornek, Mayor of Pasadena. In a lunch meeting with Student Council, middle schoolers discussed role models, budget concerns, concerts at the Rose Bowl, and other topics related to public service in Pasadena, a city with a population of over 140,000.

After lunch, the Mayor visited the fourth grade class, NHS’ oldest students on the lower school campus, also fondly referred to as the New Horizon Navigators. Fourth graders continued their informal “interview” of the Mayor who actually asked the students questions as well like, “Which department takes up the largest part of the city budget? (Police) and which department is the fourth highest in terms of city spending?” (Libraries).

During the visit, students learned about city services and the importance of government in keeping our city safe and serving the needs of the citizens. They also gained a better understanding of the challenges and joys of leadership. When asked what he would like to do to improve the city, the Mayor shared with students the changing demographics of Pasadena and the need to provide more affordable housing to keep families in the city who have been part of Pasadena for generations. When asked what is the most exciting thing he has done as mayor in the past two years, he concluded his time with fourth grades by letting them know that meeting with students tops the list.

Leadership and outreach are critical features of a New Horizon education, and this visit with Mayor Tornek will continue to impact their young lives even beyond the time he spent with them.

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