New Horizon's Lower School - Kindergarten Through Fourth Grade

Published : Tuesday, July 31, 2018 | 2:47 PM

New Horizon’s Lower School is the beginning of its students’ formal academic journey. It is also a time of individual growth – a time to discover new ideas, talents, and interests. New Horizon School Pasadena (NHSP) believe that a balanced program focusing on essential skills and spiritual development helps produce future leaders. The school seeks to achieve this goal by:

• Following a traditional and sequential learning program that is consistent with standardized assessment and state academic content standards

• Having a diverse and experienced faculty who supports the mission and vision of the school and is dedicated to ensuring that all students excel

• Placing emphasis on active learning through exploration, experimentation and discovery, which enhances the skills of independent thinking, problem solving, and critical thinking

• Meeting the learning needs of all students through the use of varied teaching methods, technology, learning centers, and flexible grouping

• Exposure to three areas of the arts: fine art, music and drama

• Promoting a love for reading and building library skills through regular library visits and activities

• Scheduling stimulating field trips that enrich the curriculum and extend the joy of learning beyond the classroom walls

New Horizon School Pasadena, 651 N. Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena, (626) 795-5186 or visit








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