One Mayfield

Published : Thursday, August 17, 2017 | 6:24 PM

The summer activities for the children are over, final family vacations completed, the obligatory trip to Target is scheduled and the Dodgers are in first place; all clear signs that the school season is in the offing. I hope that the past couple of months have provided everyone with a chance to restore and prepare for the busy year ahead. Time to send the kids back to us at Mayfield Junior School.

I want to present something our Board of Trustees, along with the administration, faculty and staff feel is vitally important to the continued success and well being of our school. Since 1931, students, families and employees have shared in the blessings of this extraordinary community and all that comes with the vibrancy of our Holy Child family. It is this treasured legacy that inspires us to actively seek to sustain and build upon the core beliefs associated with what makes Mayfield Junior School unique.

The school Mission and Philosophy, Goals of the Holy Child Network of Schools and Mayfield Junior School Student Pledge each articulate essential criteria that guide our school. Our joint responsibility to serve our students is built on a foundation of respect, kindness and compassion among all. To achieve this for our students, each adult associated with this charge must also intentionally follow a path consistent with the beliefs of our Catholic faith and standards set in those documents. It is that oneness in God that brings us together as a community.

Over the past eighteen months, a Board sub-committee of the Committee on Mission, made up of trustees, faculty and parents accepted my request to create a definitive statement that reflects our communal intentions of strengthening the fabric of our entire community. In order to ensure that our school continues to lead as an exemplary Holy Child School, we cannot become complacent and need to actively pursue the kind of unity that counters the forces of division, mistrust and fear in our world. This position is directed at complementing and extending the environment of which we are so proud.

“One Mayfield” is more than a unity statement that declares our school has a singular identity-something for which we stand. It is a directed expression that the greatness of our school, the excellence of our education and the core of our commitment to our students, is founded on a belief that we are all made in the likeness of God.

As we move forward as individuals, partnerships and groups I ask that you actively carry with you, in your heart and mind, this declaration:

One Mayfield

As a faith-filled, Catholic community, we uphold the value of human dignity. We embrace and respect the uniqueness of each person; we affirm and celebrate our unity.

We are One Mayfield!

Sometimes we may think that building something completely original is the greatest challenge we face. I would like to offer that protecting and strengthening something cherished and dear is, in fact, the hardest job and also the most important. The obligation of guarding something that has deep significance to so many, and endless potential for others, is not only a noble cause but also one that exceeds our understanding.

“One Mayfield” is intended to be a message that strengthens our hope, understanding and confidence in all that lies ahead for us as a community. I have faith that you share with me the value of wrapping our arms around everyone and finding ways to live so that everyone feels valued and included.



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