Outstanding High School Students and Faculty Are Honored at Flintridge Prep’s Annual Awards Ceremony

The Upper School wrapped up the spring semester with the annual Awards Ceremony, during which several outstanding students and faculty members were recognized for their academic engagement and achievements as well as their community engagement.

Librarian Reggie Ursettie was honored for her outstanding service to the school with the Class of 1987 award, which is voted on by the entire student body. Headmaster Peter Bachmann said that Ursettie “leads with her heart.”

English teacher Mary Ellen Jamison earned the Detoy Award for her endless personal and professional contributions to the school. In presenting Jamison with the award, Bachmann said that she has always “embodied the values of egoless leadership.”

Athletics Director Alex Rivera announced the JP Blecksmith Memorial Award to Lacy Coan ’15, recognizing the rising senior athlete who stands out as a leader and a scholar.

Dean Hathout ’16 earned the Amherst Book Prize, which is awarded to a sophomore who demonstrates genuine intellectual curiosity and a passion for learning.

Cameron Wen ‘15 was awarded with the Princeton Book Award, presented to a junior in recognition of academic excellence, extracurricular achievement in service and personal character.

JD Papanikolas ’15 earned the Harvard Price Book Award, which is given to an outstanding junior who combines scholastic ability, high character and extracurricular involvement.

Bryce Lew ’15 earned the Student Leadership Award, recognized for his work in student government. Lew was also sworn in as the new commissioner general.

Kevin Park ’15 also accepted a new role, as senior class president, in the traditional Scroll and Gavel Ceremony, performed by the Class of 2014 senior president Anton Verbinski.

The awards ceremony ended with another tradition, the takeover of the Senior Patio and Lawn by the Class of 2015. The newly anointed senior class was surprised to discover that the exiting senior class had created barriers to the patio with Saran Wrap. A sign hanging over the patio said, “The Senior Patio is a right to be earned, not given. Love, The Class of 2014.”

See below for a full list of award recipients.

Class of 1987 Award: Reggie Ursettie
Detoy Award: Mary Ellen Jamison
J.P. Blecksmith Memorial Award: Lacy Coan ‘15
Fathers Club Pursuit of Excellence Awards: Haley Harris ’17, Lauren Stiles ’16 and Ally Graves ‘16
Amherst Book Prize: Dean Hathout ‘16
Princeton Book Award: Cameron Wen ‘15
Harvard Prize Book Award: JD Papanikolas ‘15
Cancer Federation Award: Shaneli Jain ‘14
Student Leadership Award: Bryce Lew ‘15

History Department Awards
History Faculty Award: Jenna Colliflower ‘16
Dartmouth Book Award: Megan Davies ‘15

Math Department Awards
Math Faculty Award: Dean Hathout ‘16
Math Faculty Award: Austin Wang ‘15

English Department Awards
NCTE Writing Award Nominee: Kevin Park ‘15
English Faculty Award: Riva Weinstein ‘16
Brown Book Award: Brandt Rohde ‘15

World Languages Department Awards
French Faculty Award: Betsy Roy ‘15
Latin Faculty Award: Luke Boyd ‘15
Spanish Faculty Award: Patrick Minassians ‘15

Fine Arts Department Awards
Visual Arts Faculty Award: Sarah Kersting ‘16
Visual Arts Faculty Award: Kenalyn Ang ‘15
Performing Arts Faculty Award: Daniel Erdody ‘16
Performing Arts Faculty Award: Chris Zaro ‘15

Science Department Awards
Science Faculty Award: Nikhil Poole ‘16
Bausch & Lomb Award: JD Papanikolas ‘15

Prep Science Fair
Third: Nanita Balagopal ‘16
First: Nikhil Poole ‘16

LA County Science Fair
Second at Prep, honorable mention at LA County: Makayla Campbell ‘15
Honorable Mention: Patrick Minassians ’15 and James Nowotny ‘15
Second place Southern California Paleontological Society: James Nowotny ‘15

California State Fair
Second place at LA County, State Fair Participant: Naomi Berhane ‘16
Best of Fair at Prep, First at LA County and State Fair, Third at Intel International Science & Engineering Fair: Vick Liu ‘16

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