Pasadena Educational Foundation Summer 2017 Weekly Updates

Published : Friday, June 30, 2017 | 6:49 PM

McKinley PEF Summer Program

Week 3 updates: Students learned to write their names is Middle Earth Runes, choreographed their own dances, created large scale sculptures, explored static electricity, learned French, and even had a visit from Councilman Andy Wilson of District 7. It was a great week of learning and we are excited to see what the second half of the summer brings.

Week 2 updates: Highlights include speaking only in questions for Day at the Improv, Learning the 3 branches of government in “We the Kids”, describing feelings in “Intro to French”, designing bubble wands in “3D Tech Lab”, and visiting pets in “Pets Rock.”

Week 1: Chess, music, programming, sports and more for our first couple of days at the PEF Summer Program on the McKinley campus.

Franklin PEF Summer 2017

Week 3 Update: We are getting ready for the 4th of July, cooking up a storm, engineering new airplanes, creating art, building sculptures, and making new friends on the Franklin campus.

Week 2 Update: We are having a blast creating, exploring, learning, and growing on the PEF Summer campus at Franklin!

Week 1: We are gardening, cooking, creating MATH-terpieces, painting, drawing, learning to write, and becoming pirates at the Franklin campus for the PEF Summer Enrichment Program.

Don Benito PEF Summer 2017

Week 3 Update: At Don Benito we are writing ghost stories and other tales, studying soil and creating recycled planters, doing yoga and playing tennis, and drawing with chalk and learning our colors, and so much more.

Week 2 Update: At Don Benito, we have traveled to Africa and Australia, read stories from both cultures, worked on African story tellers’ masks, savannah landscapes, and Australian aboriginal dotted art, studied water absorption, and created improvisational plays.

Mandarin, math, computers, science, sports, fun, and friends on the Don Benito campus for PEF’s 2017 Summer Enrichment Program.

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