Pasadena Educational Foundation's App Academy at Pasadena High School Writes Java Code to Manipulate Images

Published : Tuesday, October 23, 2018 | 1:02 PM

Pasadena Educational Foundation (PASED)’s AP Computer Science seniors in the The App Academy at Pasadena High School are writing Java code to manipulate images. Check out Cameron’s pixellator above. App Academy is a 4-year computer science academy at Pasadena High supported by the Pasadena Educational Foundation.

App Academy students learn computer science and computer programming, and use these skills to create websites, games, and more. In the past, App Academy students have designed and built projects like:

• A personal website to showcase original photography work
• A thought-provoking 2D video game that tells a story about social justice
• A light-up LED senior prom dress programmed to flash in intricate patterns

Students have specialized computer science courses that help them learn problem solving skills that can create things with real-world impact. Students like App Academy because they get to be creative, learn a valuable skill, and bring their own ideas to life.

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