Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union's John Muir High School Early College Magnet Branch, One Year Later

Published : Wednesday, May 22, 2019 | 2:45 PM

Just recently, the credit union led a tour at their John Muir Mustang branch – at John Muir High School – where Maria Campos, Branch Manager, also introduced some students who work part-time with the branch.

“We’re going on our second year and I’ve seen it grow so much with having a new membership, supportive teachers here. I’ve also seen the students grow,” Campos said. “We do have a special relationship with each student, and just to see them engage with our members, and also the students that have accounts here, I think it’s wonderful just to see them going on there and be able to take a transaction without any hesitation.”

The students are able to answer questions when teachers come in and have questions about the credit union and its services, Campos said. “They’re very knowledgeable about the products that we have here at the credit union. Also, this opportunity has given them the chance to be able to grow out of the credit union and be able to further their career, whether it be in business, or them being able to get a job due to the experience that they have here.”

One of the interns at the John Muir branch is Sebastian Gonzales, who’s been a teller since the start of the year.

“Interning at the Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union has allowed me to gain a new job experience,” Gonzales said. “I applied to my current job where I was preferred because of my experience at the Pasadena Service Credit Union. Cash handling really made me stand out from other candidates and therefore I got the position. Being a teller has guided me and helped me decide what career and what I want to do in the future.”

At John Muir High School, the branch is open Wednesdays and Fridays during the school year, from 11:30 to 2:30 p.m. Any membership of the PSFCU can come and do a transaction. Non-members can also come in to open an account, Campos said.

In addition, Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union recently held their annual meeting celebration on Wednesday, May 15. The Mustang Branch student interns were active participants and mingled with credit union members, management, members of the board of directors, other business partners. Being in that professional environment further boosted their business and social skills.

You can visit PSFCU headquarters at 670 North Rosemead Boulevard, call (877) 297-4707 or visit their website You can also stay in touch with them on Facebook: and Twitter: @PasadenaServFCU








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