Pasadena Unified Students Compete in LA County Science & Engineering Fair

Published : Tuesday, April 11, 2017 | 2:02 PM

Pasadena Unified students participated in the 67th Annual Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair on March 26, 2017. The fair brought public and private schools together to celebrate science and engineering. Pasadena Unified’s own Innovation Exposition is May 12, 2017 at Washington STEAM Magnet Academy. Student projects will be open for public viewing from 5-6 p.m.

At the LA County Science & Engineering Fair, Blair Middle School, Sierra Madre Middle School, and Pasadena High School students competed in 15 science and engineering categories in junior and senior divisions. First and second place winners go on to compete in the California State Science Fair on April 24.

Junior Division Awards:

First Place Winners, and Sweepstakes Finalists
* Mona Patterson (Sierra Madre Middle School, 8th grade) – Environmental Management
* Holly Carter (SMMS, 6th grade) – Physics, General
* Johan Thuen (SMMS, 8th grade) – Product Science

Second Place Winners
* Preston Reynolds (SMMS, 8th grade) – Engineering Applications
* Lu Patterson (SMMS, 8th grade) – Environmental Management
* Chloe Brandon (SMMS, 8th grade) – Materials Science (pictured at right)
* Sullivan Braun-Slavin (SMMS, 8th grade) – Plant Biology & Physiology

Honorable Mentions
* Abhimanyu Bangaru (Blair, 8th grade) – Chemistry, Applied
* Celeste Edell (Blair, 7th grade) – Earth/Space Sciences
* Carmel Randolf (SMMS, 6th grade) – Material Sciences
* John (Jack) Cahalan (Blair, 7th grade) – Material Sciences
* Justin Hong (SMMS, 6th grade) – Physics, Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamics

Recognition Awards
LA County Jack Celest Ab * Aoi Takada (Blair, 6th grade) – Earth/Space Science
* Bruce McGlynn (Blair, 8th grade) – Environmental Management
* Loie White (Blair, 6th grade) – Environmental Management
* Katlyn Ong (Blair, 6th grade) – Material Sciences
* Zoa Hellings (SMMS, 6th grade) – Math & Computer Science
* Tosten Pearson (SMMS, 7th grade) – Microbiology
* Kaden Romaniw (SMMS, 7th grade) – Physics, Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamics
* Rory Hemmings & Matthew Contreraz (Blair, 8th grade) – Physics, Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamics
* Max Tse (SMMS, 7th grade) – Physics, Electricity & Magnetism
* Daveigh Collopy (Blair, 7th grade – Physics, General

Senior Division Awards:

Third Place Winner
* Victoria Tran & Kiera Smith (Pasadena High School, 11th grade) – Microbiology

Honorable Mention
* Therese Cook (Pasadena High School, 12th grade) – Earth/Space Sciences

Recognition Awards
* Zoe Zawol (Pasadena High School, 11th grade) – Physics


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