Pasadena Waldorf High School Opens with Lead Freshman Class of 17 Students

L-R: Mary-Lila Norman, Sophia Murlowski, Eve Coffman, Glenna Adkins, and Ruby Novak

Pasadena Waldorf School (PWS) celebrated the long-awaited opening of its new high school on August 29, 2012 with an inspirational Opening Ceremony held at the beautiful new campus at 1539 East Howard Street in Pasadena.

Betty Staley and school co-founder Paul Livadary

The opening ceremony was a celebration of the years of hard work, the countless gifts of time and funds, the passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge that led to the much-anticipated launch of the high school. A realization of the dream held by the school’s founders, the new high school offers a rigorous Waldorf college-preparatory curriculum with a fully formed program for the 17 students in the lead freshman class, and is designed with ambitious plans for growth.

Jordana Owens, Alice Gelber, Emerson Campbell, and Anna Tse

Joining the students were faculty and staff from both the lower school and high school. Attendees included high school advisor Betty Staley, high school administrator Jennifer Tse, one of Pasadena Waldorf School’s founders, Paul Livadary, many of the donors who made the opening a reality, students, faculty and staff of the new high school, parents, and many alumni. The ceremony closed with the incoming freshmen walking to their first class with humanities teacher and class advisor, Corby Gallegos.

Said Mr. Gallegos of the event, “The ceremony was a beautifully important introduction of the class to the community and of the community to the class. For the first time, all the efforts of the school were perceived as a reality. For the class, they got a picture of all the love, hard work and dedication that others have put into creating this space for them. It was eye-opening — it felt like a birth for them.”

The joyous occasion took place at the Franson Hall Theater on the campus of William Carey International University in Pasadena where the high school has its new home. It celebrated the many individuals that helped fulfill the vision of a complete Waldorf curriculum from early childhood through high school. It would not have been possible without the tireless work of parents, high school committee members, leadership donors, development and capital campaign volunteers, and the many supporters from the school and community.

Pasadena Waldorf School, founded in 1979, is one of over 1,000 Waldorf schools worldwide with over 90 years of experience offering an inspired education. Pasadena Waldorf High School, which opened this year, joins 40 other Waldorf high schools now operating in North America. Waldorf education is the fastest growing independent school movement in the world.

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