Pasadena Waldorf School Celebrates Santa Lucia - Scandinavian Festival of Lights

Published : Tuesday, January 7, 2020 | 12:55 PM

Credit: Ron Hamad

On Friday, Pasadena Waldorf School (PWS) celebrated Santa Lucia, a Scandinavian festival of lights that brightens the longer nights at the start of the winter season. It also celebrates the life of Santa Lucia, an Italian saint known for her kindness and love.

Credit: Ron Hamad

At PWS, they have two Lucias this year, the oldest 8th grade girls, joined by the 2nd grade class, as they visited every class from parent-child to high school on both campuses bringing light, singing songs, and delivering special saffron bread.

Credit: Ron Hamad

After finishing at PWS, the students made their way up the street for their last stop to bring warmth and love to its neighbors at the Senior Center.

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