Physical Education at Barnhart School

Published : Tuesday, November 6, 2018 | 12:54 PM

Barnhart’s Physical Education program focuses on providing an atmosphere in which physical skills, cognitive skills and the children’s social and emotional needs can be openly experienced in a controlled and safe environment. It is through daily classes that the development of these four fundamental areas can be cultivated within each student.

Students participate in a variety of physical activity experiences in order to provide them with opportunities that improve their fitness level as well as helping them become increasingly confident in their physical skills. Barnhart students love the traditional sport activities such as our volleyball, soccer, and basketball units. In addition, the students spend part of the year learning non-traditional games and activities, such as dance, frisbee soccer, and kick ball.

There are two events each year put on by the Physical Education department.

The first is P.E. Dance Night, an event where students perform a dance learned during the dance unit for all the other grades and parents at Open House. For P.E. Dance Night, students learn dances that are culturally-focused and coincide with the curriculum at their grade level.

The second P.E. department event is Sports Day. This is an all-day event, where Barnhart open up the entire campus to a variety of track and field events for the students to compete in. Parent volunteers join participants on campus to help record scores, keep the kids hydrated, and assist with the ribbon ceremony.

For more information about Barnhart’s School’s Physical Education program, go to or call Barnhart School’s offices.

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