Poly Athletics Adds New Strength and Conditioning Tool

Published : Tuesday, August 8, 2017 | 12:03 PM

This fall, Poly Athletics will roll out Volt to the student-athletes. Volt is a training program that provides student-athletes with strength and conditioning workouts that will be run and managed by on-campus strength and conditioning coach Sheldon Williams in collaboration with each team’s coach.

The goal is to build a workout program specifically designed for each team’s needs, keeping in mind that many of our student-athletes are multisport athletes. The student-athletes are able to access the Volt program through an application on their phone that allows them to preview the workout, input the weights used, stay on task by counting down the proper rest time between reps and sets, and gives them the ability to check off each rep once completed. By allowing the student-athlete to track each workout, the coaches are then able to look at the progression they have made over time.

The Athletic Department is excited about implementing this new tool for its teams and hopes that it will not only promote performance during competitions, but also promote and encourage an overall healthier lifestyle for the student-athletes.

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