Poly Performers Participates in Ellen Lauren's Master Class

Published : Wednesday, May 23, 2018 | 1:13 PM

Earlier this month, Poly performers were treated to a master class with Ellen Lauren of the SITI Company Anne Bogart. She worked with the Upper School spring musical cast and the ninth grade Theatre: History and Application class. The SITI Company is an established New York-based organization that is grounded in the training practices of Tadashi Suzuki and Viewpoints, practices that Upper School performing arts faculty member Cynthia Crass has studied and currently teaches in her acting classes.

With the musical cast, Lauren presented more of an introduction to the practices, as there were several students who had never had any experience with the work, but with the Theatre class, she was able to work at a higher level with the students as they have been practicing the techniques this quarter.

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