Polytechnic School: Building Rome (Not in a Day)

Published : Wednesday, April 15, 2015 | 7:51 PM

Polytechnic School’s Sixth grade students gave tours of Ancient Rome this week. The project, which evolved over about a month’s time, included constructing all the major buildings of Ancient Rome circa 300 AD. Students used their math skills to build to scale, wrote papers about the people associated with each building, and researched other buildings that were not built by members of their class, so the tours could be more complete.

Many of the individual buildings from this project are now displayed upstairs in the Lower and Middle School Library. The complete layout will be on display at the Pet and Hobby Show on May 1. The sixth grade Latin class also gave a lunch time performance of Romulus and Remus in Latin.

Click here to view more photos of the presentation.

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