Polytechnic School: Class of 2022 Goes to Trial

Published : Thursday, January 19, 2012 | 1:58 AM

Second graders recently took over a courtroom at the Alhambra courthouse for an introduction to the legal system and a mock trial. Poly parent Judge Samantha Jessner, members of the District Attorneys and Public Defenders offices, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department explained what they do and their respective roles in their justice system. Noted defense attorney Mark Geragos happened into the courtroom and discussed the difference between direct and circumstantial evidence with the rapt audience.

The kids then engaged in a mock trial involving Mrs. Fields’ missing chocolate chip cookies. The jury was unable to decide whether the defendant, Sugarless, was guilty of stealing the cookies as it seemed that his beloved dog, Fido, may have helped himself to the cookies. The field trip wrapped up with a tour of the holding cells next to the courtrooms. The kids seemed a bit disappointed that there wasn’t actually someone being detained in the cell, but left the courthouse with a much better understanding of their judicial system.


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