Polytechnic School: Diversity Day 2012

Published : Saturday, March 24, 2012 | 5:35 AM

Diversity Day 2012 was an all-school event, lasting the entire school day. The emphasis was on immigration and identity.

Lower School students were divided into “families” of kindergarten through second grade and third through fifth grade. They started the day with an Ellis Island simulation and experienced reenactments that illustrated the screening process at Ellis Island. The students visited various stations throughout the day; storytelling, a Spanish folk dance demonstration and lesson, a visit to an interactive website, and an opportunity to paint a stone that will be displayed in Wendy’s Garden in the front of the school. The students came together at the end of the day to participate in an assembly focusing on music from around the world.

Middle School students enjoyed a panel discussion by Poly parents who immigrated to America as adults, and then presented their researched reports on immigration during workshops throughout the morning. Upper School students had an opportunity to hear two speakers and spent the majority of the day attending their selected workshops, led by outside speakers, students and faculty, focusing on immigration, family, and culture.

Click here to view a slideshow of the day’s events.

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