PolyToday: Life Skills

During FLEx periods recently, Polytechnic School’s sixth-graders learned some life skills, rotating through a series of five lessons. In the nutrition rotation, the class explored food-related issues, including production and marketing and the biological effects of eating certain food items.

Students had the opportunity to reflect on their own eating practices. In the gardening FLEx, students considered the particle size of soil, the air flow to plants’ roots, the fundamental nutritional needs of plants, and the volume of soil. Students planted seeds, tracked the growth of the plants, weeded, and even designed and planted a tea garden.

The Class of 2025 also discussed the Constitution and learned about wilderness first aid. Finally, they were exposed to some sewing fundamentals. While creating an emo doll, students learn two basic stitches and also learned how to sew on a four-hole button. They should have some new skills to practice at home.

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