Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist Sonia Nazario Brings the Story of "Enrique's Journey" to Poly

Published : Friday, September 22, 2017 | 4:48 PM

Marking the 100th Global Initiatives Program event in Poly history, Sonia Nazario’s visit to Poly was a powerful and insightful experience for many. The words of her book, “Enrique’s Journey,” came even more alive as she spoke about immigration, civic responsibility, global citizenship, and what it means to be a journalist.

At dinner before the her program, Global Scholar candidates and students enrolled in the Facing Global Challenges and Literature of the Pilgrimage courses who read her book had the opportunity to ask questions personally. Her answers were elaborate, deliberate, and brilliant. She emphasized that refugees and most migrants do not want to leave their home country, but they feel compelled to go north out of a quest for safety or to find ways to create opportunity for their loved ones. One could sense the experience that guided her humble eloquence.

In Garland Theatre, Global Scholar candidates Ian D’Elia ‘18 and Sakura T. ‘18 introduced Nazario. The stories she shared in rich detail blended with her passionate demeanor, honest nature, and journalistic skill. The way she spoke about her personal endeavors in trying to share Enrique’s experience was emotionally charged and well composed. Both the level of dedication she gives to her work and the extent to which she inspires change in people were absolutely remarkable. Fellow Global Scholar candidate Hannah S. ‘18 later reflected Nazario’s talk was “undoubtedly one of the best GIP events [she] ever attended.”

With statistics and facts, as well as personal narratives, she effectively argued that misconceptions surrounding American life, as well as the lack of birth control, are in fact central causes of migration and that the best way to reduce immigration is to confront it at the source. Nazario illustrated a genuine image of the future of immigration by proving that we as citizens of the United States and the world must play a part in diminishing such issues.

After her presentation, she stayed to answer questions, and it did not take long for the audience to develop a good rapport with her. Many got to ask their questions, and her visit was concluded with the audience’s profound gratitude. Those who did not ask Nazario a question in Garland Theatre had an opportunity to talk with her in person as she spent another hour at Poly signing books.

In the end, Nazario certainly changed many minds. She guided thoughts and let people hone their own opinions into ones that are much more meaningful. Her time at Poly was fun and enlightening for everyone involved. Sonia Nazario made a real impact on this school, and we hope to see her again soon.

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