PUSD Human Resources Office Visits Cleveland Elementary School

Published : Monday, January 30, 2017 | 4:36 PM

Pasadena Unified School District’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Kathleen Sanchez, makes weekly visits to PUSD campuses. On these visits, Chief Sanchez invites members of her office staff to experience a school tour, become more acquainted with site-level staff, and see learning in action.

The tour began with the welcoming of Principal Debra Lucas eager to share with everyone the great things happening at Cleveland Elementary. Principal Lucas rotates throughout classrooms daily to build relationships with students. It would be completely remiss to not mention how beautiful this campus is. It is such a welcoming environment for families and staff to be proud of.

Students were completely engaged in various instructional activities and participating in the lessons of the day. It was clear that the student-teacher relationships have been cultivated and nurtured. There are rooms dedicated to parent volunteers, an impressive computer lab, and a vibrant library where every student is sure to find an age-appropriate read, or a challenging one if they so choose. Also, the Girl Scouts are donating bean bags for the library. such a treat!

The outside play equipment provides ample space for students and the spacious garden is tended to by John Muir Ranch students; collaboration in action.

PUSD extends its appreciation to Cleveland Elementary, for such a warm welcome! From preschool, early transitional kindergarten classes, to 5th grade this school should be on the radar for all prospective families.

To learn more about Cleveland Elementary School’s programs, please visit their website: Cleveland Elementary School (http://www.pusd.us/site/Default.aspx?PageID=11)

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