Ramona Convent Participates in the Los Angeles Girls' School Advantage Event

Published : Monday, May 7, 2018 | 6:39 PM

Ramona Convent Secondary School’s Enrollment team and student Ambassadors participated in the Los Angeles Girls’ School Advantage event this past Sunday. The event was held at Occidental College and brought in over 180 attendees. It was an informative day with a program that exceeded all expectations about learning the effectiveness and unique environment of attending an all girls’ high school. Alessandra ’19 sat on the panel of student representatives and proudly represented Ramona with confidence, eloquence, and poise.

About Ramona Convent Secondary School

Ramona is a welcoming Catholic college-prep high school for girls in grades 9-12. Ramona graduates face the future with an extraordinary education, a global vision fueled by Catholic values, an independent spirit, confident leadership skills, the support of their Ramona sisters, and the strength of a legacy of more than 128 years of excellence.

Ramona Convent Secondary School, 1701 W. Ramona Rd. Alhambra CA 91803, (626) 282-4151 or visit www.ramonaconvent.org.







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