Ramona Convent Robotics Team Competes at Statewide Competition

Ramona Convent’s very own Rampage Robotics Team did a fantastic job during the FIRST Robotics competition in early March. The team built a simple and solid robot for the 2016 FRC complex requirement. The robot was affectionately named Lady Margaret in memory of beloved STEM teacher, Sr. Margaret Spiller, SNJM. Lady Margaret was prepared to overcome 6 out of 8 different types of defenses and shoot the ball in low and high goals. The team won 7 out of 9 qualification matches and ranked 10th among 60 teams. They were later placed into 8th during the playoff selection and were able to pick alliances to compete with 7 opponent teams.

Team co-captains Briana Ong ’16 and Valeria Sanchez ’17 showed true leadership in holding the team together throughout the season. Programmer Maria Elena Gutierrez performed amazingly along with the driving team to keep the robot running fierce to the finals. Congratulations to the team, parents, mentors, founding mentor Mrs. Aulikki Flagan, and Ramona Convent family. Their late nights and long weekends have paid off. Team members had to juggle their school work load, countless Robotics sessions during the week and over the weekend, co-curricular activities, and more.

Ramona Rampage defeated the number one team in two matches in the quarter final and advanced to the semifinals. Sadly, they lost in the semifinals to the final champion team but honorably took home a third place title. Rampage Team members learned a lot during the season, felt the pressure when the robot wasn’t performing up to standard, and celebrated when it was. Mentors and coaches also learned a lot during the competition regarding the programming and hardware and software troubleshooting in a stressful environment. They also picked up some tricks, tips, and hints on how to prepare for next season. Parent involvement and support also played a critical role in the success of the team. It’s a great experience for students, the parents, mentors, and teachers alike. Congratulations to Ramona Rampage and the community can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!

Mrs. Aulikki Flagan Receives Prestigious Mentor Award During First Robotics Competition

Mrs. Aulikki Flagan

Mrs. Aulikki Flagan, Ramona Convent STEM teacher and Ramona Rampage Robotics Team founder has been such an inspiration to the team as a mentor, cheerleader, advocate, and awesome supporter for many years towards the robotics program at Ramona Convent. She encourages young women to aim high when difficulties arise. When challenges seem too difficult to overcome, she is always there to offer guidance and support. Her enthusiasm spreads like wildfire especially when the team witnesses her jumping up and down when the robot shows progress or achievement. Each year, her enthusiasm continues to grow and her spirit and voice are something that has spread beyond the Ramona Community.

The FIRST Robotics Organization recognized Mrs. Flagan as the 2016 Woodie Flowers Most Valuable Mentor award. Our community has experienced the passion for Engineering and Robotics that drives Mrs. Flagan on a daily basis. Her passion and drive continue to inspire those around her which is why she was recognized by this national prestigious organization with such an honor.

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