Ramona Convent Secondary School - Human Trafficking Awareness

Published : Tuesday, January 31, 2017 | 3:10 PM

Ramona Convent Secondary School’s Peace and Justice Society and Ms. Clavin’s drama class planned and implemented an amazing assembly on human trafficking. Peace and Justice Vice President Carolina Barbosa delivered a short, informative presentation outlining basic information and statistics on human trafficking. This was followed by a fantastic skit written by Mr. Richard Gallegos, directed by Ms. Tracy Clavin, and performed by Ms. Clavin’s drama class. Finally, Los Angeles Judges Catherine Pratt and Teresa Sullivan enlightened everyone about the judicial process for victims of sex trafficking and relayed the horrors and realities of girls as young as 11, 12, and 13 years old who have been trafficked from our own neighborhoods. The assembly was followed by lunch in the parlor with Judges Pratt, Sullivan, and Soto, the Peace and Justice Society, and Ms. Clavin’s drama class. Additionally, the judges described their own experiences of how and why they pursued careers in law and how they have become advocates for victims of human trafficking.

This past Saturday, fourteen Ramona students, Sister Anna, Sister Daleen, Ms. Averill, and SNJM Associate Sharon Corbitt marched in the L.A. Freedom Walk against human trafficking. Participants met with other Holy Names sisters, associates, students from other schools, priests and sisters from other communities, and many other advocates to walk around the Blessed Sacrament neighborhood in Hollywood and distribute information about human trafficking. Additionally, a young man from India described his experience as a victim of labor trafficking in the United States, and a young women told her story of how she was sold into sex slavery by her parents here in Los Angeles to pay for her parents’ drug habit.

Ramona Convent Secondary School, 1701 W. Ramona Rd., Alhambra, (626) 282-4151 or visit www.ramonaconvent.org.


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